Lilly Luevano

Lilly is a talented and well-rounded artist who has been devoted making her clients radiate in the beauty they already possess.

Lilly has been doing hair for 17 years and has spent 11 of those years on our Bella West Team. She has taken assistants under her wing and has shown them the ins and outs of being a hairstylist, by giving them in-depth on-the-job training. She has trained 3 of our very own Bella West team members and they have been thriving in their own careers since.

Lilly's passion for people is truly evident in all she does. Her specialties include: Blonding, Balayage, Cutting & Extension services. With her creative and interactive ways on all platforms, becoming a Luevano Hairdoll will ensure a top notch experience every time you're in Lilly's chair. Be prepared to be stopped everywhere you go.